We are a high technology, service orientated company that’s proud of our experience, expertise and extensive R&D programme. This involves supporting the design authority with design for manufacture (DFM), prototyping to full production runs.

Above all, our Worldwide customer base appreciates our professional approach, flexibility and exceptional performance meeting time critical projects.

Wrekin offer cutting edge solutions, through a continual investment in the latest advancements in technology. In fact,10% of our annual turnover is committed to enhancing our services, to keep pace with the demands of an ever-changing industry.

Our innovative solutions include High Density Interconnect (HDI) with Micro BGA pads and supporting technologies, enabling us to offer all the latest component packaging requirements.

We’re also at the forefront of LED technology by offering a full range of Insulated Metal Substrates (Copper and Aluminium) – either with or without thermally conductive adhesives.

Other leading edge solutions include Copper Fill Technology, whereby depth drilled via holes and depth drilled micro via holes are supported by our capacity to completely fill the holes with copper. These holes reduce the risk of voids, which can be caused by other filling methods. It also allows the surface to be part of a surface mount pad or even a Micro BGA pad with a near perfect flat finish.

To enable critical timescales to be met, Wrekin stock a wide range of materials including FR4, Polyimide, High Speed, Rogers, adhesive free flex and high performance FR4’s suitable for multiple lead free solder operations.

Some other special features such as Heavy Copper Plating (max 15oz), 50 Micron (2 thou) tracks, depth controlled plated or non plated features, Heatsinks, Differential Controlled Impedance and Blind and Buried Vias are testament to our technical capability.